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42 ATC/Air Carrier Collaborative Arrival Planning: Data Sharing and User Preference Tools Cheryl QUINN, Richard E. ZELENKA Future Operational Concepts
43 European and USA Operational Concepts for 2000-2010: A Framework for Comparison R.A. McCULLOCH Future Operational Concepts
44 Air Traffic Management Capacity-Driven Operational Concept Through 2015 Aslaug HARALDSDOTTIR, Robert A. SCHWAB, Monica S. ALCABIN Future Operational Concepts
45 FACES: a Free Flight Autonomous and Coordinate Embarked Solver Jean-Marc ALLIOT, Nicolas DURAND, Géraud GRANGER Future Operational Concepts
46 Achieving Early CDTI Capability with ADS-B Andrew D. ZEITLIN, Jonathan HAMMER, James CIEPLAK, Oscar A. OLMOS Future Operational Concepts
47 Operational Assessment of Co-operative ASAS Applications Béatrice BONNEMAISON, Francis CASAUX, Thierry MIQUEL Future Operational Concepts
48 On the Applicability of Free-Flight Mode in European Airspace Pierre FAURE, Vu DUONG Future Operational Concepts
49 Self-Separation from Air, Ground and Airline Perspective R.C.J. RUIGROK, Sandra LOZITO Future Operational Concepts
50 The Effect of Shared Information on Pilot /Controller situation Awareness and Re-Route Negotiation John HANSMAN, Todd FARLEY, Mica ENDSLEY, Keith ADMONLIRDVIMAN, L. VIGEANT-LANGLOIS Future Operational Concepts
51 Structuring Hazard Criteria for Automated Separation Assurance Robert SIMPSON Future Operational Concepts
52 The ESCAPADE Project (use of Downlinked Aircraft Parameters) Bruno FAVENNEC, Pascal SALEMBIER Future Operational Concepts
53 Observations of Departure Processes at Logan Airport to support the development of departure Planning Tools Husni IDRIS, Bertrand DELCAIRE, William D. HALL, Ioannis ANAGNOSTAKIS, John R. HANSMAN, Amadeo R. ODONI, John-Paul CLARKE Future Operational Concepts

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