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Paper 63 -- Identification and Analysis of Proximate Events in High Density Enroute Airspaces

A 3D Collision Risk Model (CRM) is being developed by EUROCONTROL as a method of assessing the European en-route risk, due to all causes and across all dimensions within the airspace. This model is expected to be able to provide an estimation of the current risk in a suitable metric, providing measurements of the peak risks in terms of time, geographical location or traffic density. For the moment, current activities are focused in the en-route part with view to extend the work in the near future to the terminal area. The first part of this paper describes a CRM software prototype designed to handle large volumes of flight data in an efficient way with a high level of automation to identify and analyze proximate events. The second part of the paper presents a new method based on track segmentation to overcome the current limitations of the model. Finally, both methods are tested and compared using a one-day traffic data sample provided by MADAP (Maastricht Automatic Data Processing and Display System) servers.
Theme: Safety in ATM
Keywords: en route airspace
Posted by: Eduardo Jose Garcia / Other authors: Francisco Javier Saez, Maria Isabel Izquierdo
Note: Unset Received On Jan 26, 2007

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