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Paper 75 -- Validation Results of Airport Total Operations Planner Prototype CLOU

Holistic planning systems and information sharing has become a major field of research for the ATM research community. First concepts and prototypes have been developed to understand and handle the complexity. Of course, there are expectations in such systems, and they have to be evaluated and validated: does a holistic planning system improve punctuality and resource use at airports? This paper will answer this question for the cooperative local resource planner CLOU, a prototype of a total operations planner that was designed and implemented as a decision support tool. CLOU generates target times for each arriving and departing aircraft within the next hours and uses target functions, given by the stakeholders airline, ATC and airport to meet their wishes.
Theme: Integrated Airport Management
Keywords: ATM, Air Traffic Management, Air traffic flows optimization, Assistance System, Benefits Estimation, CDM, Collaborative Decision Making, Decision Support, Operational Concept Validation, Optimisation, Optimization, Planning, Validation
Posted by: Andreas Pick
Note: Unset Received On Jan 26, 2007

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