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Paper 77 -- A Pre-Tactical Generalised Air Traffic Flow Managment Problem

In this paper we present a new model for solving a Generalised Air Traffic Flow Management Problem (GATFM), which combines a ground-holding problem with en-route air traffic flow management and, moreover, contains a runway assignment problem. This approach shall help to close the existing planning gap between the Europe-wide air pre-tactical traffic flow managment process of CFMU and the fine tuned, short term and airport focussed planning tools used in tactical planning.. The main contributions of this paper is a novel, network based capacity management model. Based on this approach an integer linear programming problem formulation for the GATFM problem and a dedicated new solution approach, based on column generation, is deduced and discussed. The theoretical concept is generic and can be applied to a lot of similar problems in ATFM, especially to combine slot allocation and optimal re-routing First results for real world data of the airport Frankfurt/Main are presented and look very promising.
Theme: Network and Traffic Flow Optimisation
Keywords: Air Traffic Flow Management, Decision Support Tool, Optimisation
Posted by: Karl Nachtigall
Note: Unset Received On Jan 26, 2007

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