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The paper deals with a new concept for the coordination of arrival and departure management when applying mixed mode operations at an airport. It is based on an appropriate tailoring of arrival gaps by automatic introduction of so-called arrival free intervals (AFI) and a corresponding path stretching for the respective arrivals. Thereby the coordination system takes into account both the departure traffic situation on ground and the arrival situation in the TMA, which is contained implicitly in state and planning information coming from controller decision support tools for the arrival and departure management (AMAN and DMAN). The paper describes the coordination concept with particular consideration of operational and implementation issues. It outlines the required features for AMAN and DMAN and explains the communication between the connected systems. The paper explains in detail the coordination algorithm, which is based on fuzzy rules expressing expertise. Particular consideration is given to the concept evaluation. The evaluation was done on the example of a traffic scenario which was modified by stochastic disturbances. A large number of simulations were run to enable a comparison of the coordinated and the uncoordinated case. The calculated statistics shows the potential benefits of this coordination concept. The results indicate not only an enhancement of total throughput but also an increase of efficiency, punctuality and predictability of the departure operations on ground.
Theme: Innovative ATM Concepts
Keywords: 4-D trajectory-based ATM, ATM, ATM operational concept, Air Traffic Management, Airport, Airport Airside Management, Approach Spacing, Arrival Manager, Assistance System, Decision Support Tools, Planning, Runway Capacity, Takeoff time prediction, Traffic Management Coordinator
Posted by: Dietmar Böhme
Note: Unset Received On Jan 26, 2007

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