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Paper 109 -- Preventing Selfish Behaviour in Distributed Tactical Airport Planning

In this paper, we sketch a future scenario in which arrival, gate and departure planning is done distributedly by airlines, airports, aircraft and other parties involved. Decision responsibility is shared among several parties instead of one. When disruptions occur plan repair schemes are collaboratively constructed and selected. This results in a plan repair mechanism that takes into account the preferences of all participants involved. Often in distributed planning research, a cooperative attitude of the participants is assumed. However, we argue that participants will show a competitive attitude rather than a cooperative. Competitive behaviour can lead to suboptimal performance, as participants care more about their own preferences than others. Thus, incentives for cooperative behaviour are needed. We propose the use of money as a means of providing incentives to collaborate, to ensure equitability and to find optimal solutions. We identify a problem that occurs with the use of ordinary money. We introduce a monetary system based on spender-signed money that solves the problem of selfish behaviour.
Theme: Integrated Airport Management
Keywords: equity, distributed decision making, CDM, airport cooperative proceses
Posted by: Geert Jonker
Note: Unset Received On Jan 26, 2007

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