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Paper 116 -- Performance Based Air Traffic Management

The Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) has released its vision and integrated plan for the Next Generation air traffic control system (NextGen). NextGen represents a quantum leap forward in air traffic management, integrating aircraft, automation and humans into a net-centric and collaborative environment based on precise operation of aircraft and common information sharing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needs to develop strategies and plans to evolve the present day Air Traffic Management (ATM) system into tomorrow’s NextGen system in an affordable and harmonious manner. By 2015, air traffic is expected to increase by 25-30% overall and more than that in certain areas of the country. [1] There is also an increased need to hire new air traffic controllers due to pending retirements that will put stress on workforce management during the next 10 years. MITRE’s Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD) in partnership with the FAA developed an approach to address this mid-term challenge called Performance-Based Air Traffic Management (P-ATM). P-ATM is a set of capabilities and an operational concept that is firmly aligned with the NextGen vision and represents an affordable and realistic path. Through 2006, CAASD has engaged a group of Front Line Managers from en route and terminal Air Traffic Control (ATC) facilities in evaluating the operational acceptability of the concept and in estimating its productivity benefits by analyses and Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) evaluations. This document summarizes the evaluation results and outlines the P-ATM capabilities and concepts.
Theme: Air Ground Integration
Keywords: Air Traffic Management, Information flow
Posted by: Joseph Celio / Other authors: Elida Smith
Note: Unset Received On Jan 26, 2007

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