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Paper 147 -- Arrival Management with Required Navigation Performance and 3D Paths

This paper describes an operational concept that enables increased airport and airspace capacity through the integration of Flight Management System (FMS) Required Navigation Performance (RNP) capabilities and ground based air traffic management (ATM) automation tools. The concept applies to en route and terminal area operations and uses voice or data link for air/ground communications. This concept is technically feasible for implementation in the 2008-2012 timeframe in a voice environment, assuming that advanced automation tools currently under development are deployed by Air Traffic Service Providers. This near-term step is a key element in the transition to trajectory-based operations in the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS), as it will reduce the need for tactical vectoring. The paper describes the operating concept in detail for arrival management, and provides an analysis of several key performance parameters as they influence the arrival management process. The concept is applied to operations in the Houston airport area, and arrivals into Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) are modeled using a fast-time performance modeling approach. The results that are presented illustrate the influence of path and speed discretization, wind, trajectory prediction and navigation performance on delivery accuracy and delay in the arrival process.
Theme: Air Ground Integration
Keywords: 4-D trajectory-based ATM, ATM Modeling, Air traffic management, Airport Capacity, Arrival Manager, FMS operations, Navigation, Runway Capacity, Sequencing and Merging Operations, Uncertainty
Posted by: Aslaug Haraldsdottir / Other authors: Julien Scharl, Matthew Berge, Ewald Schoemig, Michael Coats
Note: Unset Received On Jan 27, 2007

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