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Paper 164 -- Could Erasmus Speed Adjustments be Identifiable by Air Traffic Controllers ?

The interest of using low magnitude speed adjustments as a means of resolving conflicts have recently risen. When implemented early, such changes could be not perceived by Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs). Thus a significant cognitive resources release can be expected, entailing some benefits for the ATM system (esp. a global capacity improvement). The following work investigates controllers’ perception of aircraft speed modifications (ASM). These appeared to be neither easily identified nor clearly differentiable from spontaneous variations (caused by wind, etc.) or pure sensorial impressions by ATCOs. This result is even accentuated for lower magnitudes and better earliness of ASM, and also when a non-conflict diagnosis prevails upon the considered aircraft. On the other hand workload level is not shown having an effect on the perception of ASM.
Theme: Innovative ATM Concepts
Keywords: Air Traffic Control, Cognitive Processes
Posted by: Philippe Averty
Note: Unset Received On Jan 29, 2007

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