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Paper 173 -- Fast-Time Simulation Evaluation of a Conflict Resolution Algorithm Under High Air Traffic Demand

In this paper, an automated conflict resolution algorithm is evaluated based on fast-time simulations of nominal and heavily increased air traffic demand in the Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center airspace. The algorithm under study is designed to support an automated separation assurance capability for next-generation air traffic management systems. It resolves detected conflicts that are projected to be between one and twenty minutes from first loss of separation. Rule bases are used to determine which aircraft to maneuver and which types of maneuver to consider: climb/descent, path stretch, or speed change. The algorithm uses high-fidelity trajectory modeling to identify a four-dimensional resolution trajectory that begins at the aircraft's current position and altitude, is conflict-free for a specified period of time, and ends at a position and altitude on the aircraft's original trajectory. Two case studies are presented to illustrate the operation of the subject algorithm: a typical vertical conflict involving traffic descending through busy flight levels, and an arrival conflict with arrival-fix crossing restrictions and sequencing constraints. The simulation environment is a medium-fidelity, fast-time simulation of departure, en-route, and arrival traffic based on recorded FAA data, and it assumes that all flights adhere to their four-dimensional trajectories precisely. Within the limitations of the simulation, the results indicate that the conflict resolution algorithm is capable of resolving conflicts safely and efficiently at traffic levels significantly higher than today. Safety and efficiency metrics are offered as benchmarks for comparison with alternative algorithms. The results suggest that the algorithm is of sufficient maturity to warrant its integration into a real-time simulation of future airspace operations for controller- and pilot-in-the-loop evaluations.
Theme: Air Ground Integration
Keywords: 3D-separation, Conflict Avoidance, Conflict Resolution, Evaluations, fast-time simulation
Posted by: Todd Farley / Other authors: Heinz Erzberger
Note: Unset Received On Jan 30, 2007

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