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In a continuous effort to further the science that is necessary to lead to a harmonized global Air Traffic Management (ATM) system, since 1997 the United States Federal Aviation Administration and the EUROCONTROL Organisation have jointly organized an international conference series focused on Air Traffic Management Research and Development.  These conferences have been held in both Europe and the USA.

Air Traffic Management (ATM), which in the ICAO ATM Global Concept document, is defined as “the dynamic, integrated management of air traffic and airspace - safely, economically, and efficiently - through the provision of facilities and seamless services in collaboration with all parties”. ATM encompasses airspace organization and management, flow and capacity management and en-route, terminal and airport air traffic control.

These conferences are aimed to create and reinforce working and personal relationships between leading experts and researchers in the ATM R&D community, share available results and build and maintain consensus on major issues.


Upcoming seminar

The eighth edition (8th ATM R&D Seminar) of this conference series will be held in the United States in Napa, California, in June 2009. The Call for Papers has been published and it is important to note that papers must be submitted before January 23, 2009.


Previous seminars

All information on the previous seminars – papers presented, presentations etc – are available on this website. 

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