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Paper 67 -- SmartNodes - Towards supporting time-critical decision-making in Aviation Security

This paper considers decision support for incident management in aviation security. One of the key issues in Aviation Security is that despite the catastrophic magnitude, incidents are rare and their precursors are hard to identify. There is a limited time window available to the decision-makers to identify an incident situation and select the respective tailored response to this incident. The success of avoiding unwanted outcomes can diminish with delays in taking the appropriate decision within the finite time window. In this paper the authors address the challenges of establishing timely situation awareness to support ‘course of action’ selection. In order to efficiently manage an aviation security incident, smart systems can provide the required technological capability in highly dynamic and complex environments. The goal of the research is to develop a decision support system for incident management. This research-in-progress paper presents our approach to develop and design SmartNodes. We describe our experiments and modeling work. We tested the performance of a network of SmartNodes in comparison to two recent European live trial scenarios to emulate real-time constraints and requirements. The results obtained indicate that automation support for time-critical decision-making in aviation security enhances the early identification of incidents and increases the situational awareness during the management of an incident. This allows decision-makers to select from a wider range of options, as the timewindow for the deployment of responses increases.
Theme: Innovative ATM Concepts
Keywords: ATM Security, Aviation Security, decision support, situational awareness, time-critical decision-making, window of opportunity
Posted by: Rainer Koelle / Other authors: Alex Tarter
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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