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Paper 99 -- The Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT): Evaluation of Departure Management Decision Support in New York during the 2008 Convective Weather Season

A field study of the operational usage and performance of the Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT) was conducted during the 2008 storm season. Key to the success of the study were the real-time observations of operations, which were made during the same weather events at 11 traffic different management facilities that service NY departure traffic (10 FAA sites and one airline). Based on an evaluation of these observations and analysis of the supporting traffic and weather data, the annual estimate of RAPT benefits in 2008 totaled 2,600 hours of departure delay saved, with a cost savings of $8.7 M. The observations of the decision-making environment during convective weather revealed several ATM-related elements that were relevant to understanding the operational effectiveness of RAPT. These ATM factors included route status uncertainty, risk management differences between decision-makers, arrival traffic operations dictating departure route usage, and inefficient pathfinder procedures to reopen closed departure routes. Each of these ATM factors contributed to missed opportunities to use RAPT to proactively increase NY departure capacity. A post-event analysis was performed to quantify the frequency and duration of missed opportunities to use RAPT to reopen closed departure routes earlier. It is conservatively estimated that RAPT delay reduction benefits would increase six-fold if traffic managers used RAPT to eliminate these missed opportunities. Efforts to apply the results of this study towards improved RAPT user training, enhanced RAPT guidance, and more efficient departure flow management decision-making are discussed.
Theme: Weather
Posted by: Michael Robinson
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