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Paper 116 -- Scheduling Aircraft Landings to Closely Spaced Parallel Runways

An optimization model for a scheduling problem for Closely Spaced Parallel Approaches has been formulated. It takes temporal, pairing, sequencing, separation route and grouping constraints into account. Simulations have been carried out investigating the influence of different scheduling methods as well as varying sizes of the pairing time window and ETA time window. Results indicate that Closely Spaced Parallel Approaches would greatly enhance arrival throughput. Furthermore, the results show that advanced scheduling methods can improve arrival throughput over FCFS if the traffic is sufficiently varied. Schedules computed by an improved genetic algorithm are of similar quality as optimal solutions.
Theme: Airport Operations
Keywords: closeley spaced parallel approaches, genetic algorithm, scheduling, sequencing
Posted by: Michael Kupfer
Note: Unset Received On Jan 23, 2009

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