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Paper 126 -- Bet on both sides of the coin to improve the organizational climate: The impact of congruent task and role clarity between leaders and staff

Four organizations at Stockholm-Arlanda airport are going through various organizational changes. They are preparing for present and future demands through structural changes, implementation of new technology, training, and other efficiency and capacity improving measures. The change processes will be followed during two years of which this paper presents the baseline measurement. The key factors in focus were situational leadership, work-oriented relationships by means of skills and psychological ability to handle social interactions (i.e., medarbetarskap), and congruent behavior between leaders and staff in work situations. Congruent behavior was believed to facilitate task- and role clarity and situational awareness. The final key factor was organizational climate due to its impact on for example productivity, job satisfaction, and profit. The results showed that leadership, medarbetarskap, and congruent behavior all had positive influence on organizational climate. The congruent behavior in collaborative settings between leaders and staff showed to have the strongest relationship to organizational climate. Thus, one of the conclusions concerning practical implication, was that collaborate training with both leaders and staff members participating, are preferred in order to obtain a positive development of the organizational climate.
Theme: Human Factors
Keywords: employee interaction style adaptability, leadership style adaptability, medarbetarskap, organizational development, psychosocial factors
Posted by: Johan Jönsson / Other authors: Marcus Arvidsson, Curt R Johansson
Note: Unset Received On Jan 24, 2009

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