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Paper 146 -- ERASMUS Strategic Deconfliction to Benefit SESAR

This paper summarizes the methods and results from our analyses of the ERASMUS autonomous strategic deconfliction concept. An international team of researchers from R&D labs and universities across Europe and the US generated conclusive performance results via real-time and fast time simulations and human-in-the-loop experiments during a 30-month study of the impact that machine-generated, subliminal speed modifications of an aircraft trajectory have on controllers and pilots. A new means of separation assurance was investigated using autonomous strategic conflict management and tactical separation via RTA speed adjustments. Our main findings are organized according to the research questions raised in the ERASMUS validation strategy [1]. The ERASMUS solver described in this paper provides a potential “quick win” for insertion into the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) deployment program, starting in mid 2009.
Theme: Innovative ATM Concepts
Keywords: ATC automation, aircraft separation managment, controller workload, strategic airspace deconfliction, subliminal control, trajectory prediction accuracy
Posted by: Fabrice Drogoul / Other authors: Philippe Averty, Rosa Weber
Note: Unset Received On Jan 24, 2009

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